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Recreation and Wellness

Game of Chess


At our assisted living facility, we provide a range of engaging activities to keep residents mentally focused and socially active. Our activities are designed to help residents make new connections and socialize with others, while challenging their minds to stay sharp. Our residents can enjoy a variety of activities such as creative writing, word games, and puzzles to help keep their minds sharp and focused.


At Hidden Valley, we offer a wide variety of physical activities to keep you active and healthy. Enjoy a nice walk with friends or family and partake in gentle exercise with the support you need. Get involved in the community with our organized activities and events.

Woman practicing yoga
Mountain Cabin


We are proud to provide access to weekly church services, nature and gardening activities, and quiet spaces for reflection and relaxation. Our goal is to ensure that our residents receive the care and support they need in order to live a life of joy, health, and security.

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